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Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Kent Sinson

$1,030,500 Verdict

Motor Vehicle Trucking Negligence. Our four clients were traveling to a high school graduation when a truck failed to stop at a stop sign and hit the plaintiffs' vehicle, causing it to roll over and land upside down. None of our clients had surgery, and no surgery was recommended. Liberty Mutual offered $250,000 prior to trial.

$583,537 Verdict

Motor Vehicle Negligence. We represented a man who was rear ended while riding as a passenger in a car stopped at a red light on Lakeshore Drive. He hurt his back but did not have surgery, and no surgery was recommended. The offer prior to trial was $23,000 by State Farm Insurance Company. State Farm paid the excess verdict over the $100,000 policy limit.

$900,000 Settlement

Product Liability, Negligent Maintenance of Fitness Equipment. We represented a man who was injured while doing triceps push downs at National Fitness Club when the exercise machine's cable snapped. He had two shoulder surgeries, and additional spine surgery was recommended.

$11,000,000 Verdict

Product Liability. We represented a man who was injured while standing on a ladder to replace gutter screws when the defectively designed ladder unexpectedly collapsed, causing him to fall and suffer traumatic brain injury.

$710,000 Settlement

Negligent Cleaning of Showroom Floor During the Take Down of a Trade Show. We represented a union carpenter who slipped and fell on some brochures hidden under a fiber case he was moving during the take down at a McCormick Place trade show. He had both shoulder and knee surgeries as a result.

$1,000,500 Verdict

Illinois Whistleblower Act, Retaliatory Discharge. An Assistant Principle at a Chicago Elementary School was fired for reporting suspected child abuse pursuant to the requirements of a mandated reporter under the Illinois Child Abuse and Negligent Reporting Act. He was fired by the principal, who did not think he should follow the law after the alleged abuse was committed by a special education teacher on a student. Prior to trial, there was no offer to settle.

$1,000,000 Verdict

Retaliatory Discharge and Workers' Compensation. Our client worked for a manufacturing company making heavy machinery. The fumes from the manufacturing process caused him to develop serious asthma health issues. When the company refused to make his workplace safe, he contacted OSHA, which fined the company for safety violations. The company then fired the plaintiff for contacting OSHA and additionally refused to pay his workers' compensation claim.

$200,000 Verdict

Title VII Race Discrimination. Our Caucasian client was fired by her African American supervisor for reporting suspected child abuse (a beating with a belt by an African American on her six year old nephew) as a mandated reporter under the Illinois Child Abuse and Negligent Reporting Act.

$250,000 Settlement

Car Accident. Our client was riding her bicycle through a Chicago intersection when a car came from her right and hit her, almost killing her. Two impartial eyewitnesses at the scene told police that the plaintiff had entered the intersection against the light, and the accident was her fault. Nevertheless, we convinced the insurance company to pay the policy limits of the driver's coverage.

Sexual Assault, Successful Appeal. We convinced the Illinois Supreme Court to reverse the Illinois Appellate Court's decision and uphold an 18-year prison sentence given to a day care worker who sexually assaulted a child in his care and custody. Peoples v. Nevitt, 135 Ill.2d 423.

Wrongful Termination, Successful Appeal. We convinced the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to reverse the trial court's grant of summary judgment to Ford Motor Vehicle Company, who fired our client for making a workers' compensation claim for a work injury requiring surgery to his wrist. Baptist v. Ford Motor Co., 827 F3rd 599.

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